Edges and Hindrances

Renamed Edges

educated (jack of all trades), Animal Friend two tiered (Beast Master & Beast Bond), Fast Metabolism (Fast Healer), Life Giver (Healer) Admantium Skeleton two tiered (Hard to Kill & Harder to kill) Action Boy two tiered ( Level Headed & Improved Level Headed) Sniper (Marksman) Bloody Mess (No Mercy)

Removed Edges

Noble, Rich, Very Rich, Arcane Resistance, Arcane backgrounds, all power edges, champion, Holy/Unholy Warrior, Gadgeteer, Metalist, Mr Fix it (Remove weird Science) Wizard

New Edges

Armorer (professional) Requirements: novice, repair (armor) You know the ins and outs of building and repairing armor. You gain +2 to repair and salvage armor.

Fortunate One (background) Requirements: Novice Wild Card Spirit d6 Karma Smiles upon you. You start play at the +1 Benchmark on the karma chart.

Black Widow/ Lady Killer Requirements: Attractive Your bringing Sexy Back. Your attractiveness is very disarming to the opposite sex you gain a +2 to charisma and +1 to damage vs the opposite sex. You can not have the ugly hindrance.

Gun Nut Requirements: Novice shooting d6, repair d6 (weapons) Your obsessed with using and maintaining a wide variety of small firearms. You gain a +1 to repair tests when dealing with small arms

Improved Gun Nut Requirements: veteran, Shooting d10, repair d10 (weapons), gun nut Your affinity for small arms has increased your bonus to repair increases to +2

Little Leaguer Requirements: Novice, Throwing d6, fighting d6 Throwing d6 Years of playing on the vault baseball team has increased your aptitude with thrown and melee weapons. You gain a +1 bonus to fighting when using a two-handed chopping or bashing weapon (ex. Bat, longsword, great sword) and +1 to range on thrown explosives

Improved Little Leaguer Requirements: veteran, Throwing d10, fighting d10 Throwing D10 Years of playing on the vault baseball team has increased your aptitude with thrown and melee weapons. Your bonus to fighting with two-handed chopping or bashing weapons increases to +2, and you add +2 to range when throwing explosives.

Child at Heart Requirements: Novice Spirit d6 Persuasion d6 You receive a +2 to social tests dealing with children

Comprehension Requirements: Novice, Smarts d8 You deductive reasoning is superb. You gain a +1 to all common Knowledge rolls

Swift Learner Requirements: Novice Smarts d8 Spirit D8 Your insight and intelligence grants you unique advantages. You may convert convert two raises from a trait test into a benny . You may no go over your total benny count.

Entomologist (Professional) requirements: Novice Smarts D8, Knowledge (biology) d8 You are an expert on the mutant invertebrates of wasteland. You gain a +2 to damage vs mutated bugs.

Martial Arts Requirements: Novice, Fighting d6 Your kung fu is strong. You are considered armed when fighting unarmed.

Iron Fist Requirements: Seasoned Fighting d8 Martial Arts Your skills at fighting unarmed formidable. Your unarmed damage is increased to strength + d6

Scoundrel Requirements: Seasoned Spirit d8 Persuasion d10 Your wit is like a well honed blade. When trying to increase an npc’s attitude towards you you receive a +2 bonus.

Demolition Expert (Professional) Requirements: Seasoned Knowledge (explosives) D8 Smarts d8 Working around explosives and things that go boom is the envy of the wastes. You receive a +2 to setting explosives and explosive damage

Fortune Finder Requirements: Seasoned Luck Notice d10 When Searching through the ruins and the aftermath of combat you find 10% more caps than usual.

Gunslinger (Professional) Requirements: Seasoned Quickdraw Shooting D10 When using any pistol weapons you receive a +1 to called shots

Lead Belly Requirements: Seasoned Vigor d8 Survival d10 You are inured to the ambient radiation found in the local food stuffs and water. You receive a +4 on vigor tests vs ingested poisons

Toughness Requirements: Veteran Vigor d10 You are one tough son of a bitch, you gain a +2 to soak rolls

Commando Requirements: Seasoned Shooting d10 When using a rifle of some kind you gain a +1 to called shots

Impartial Mediation Requirements: seasoned Persuasion d8 Intimidate d8 Taunt d8 When conducting negotiations you gain a +2 bonus social tests. You must have a Karma score of 0

Rad Resistance (weird) Requirements: seasoned Vigor d8 Something about makes you just a little more resistant to radiation You gain a +2 bonus to resist the effects of radiation.

Scrounger Requirements: seasoned, Notice d10, Luck When Searching through the ruins and the aftermath of combat you find 10% more ammo.

Size Matters Requirements: seasoned, Brawny Shooting d10, strength d8 You aptitude for the big gun is down right scary. You Gain a +1 bonus to shooting when using any weapon classified as a big gun.

Strong Back Requirements: Seasoned Str d8 You carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Your carry capacity is increased by 2 (ex a character has the brawny edge 8 x str with this edge it increases to 10 x str)

Finesse Requirements: Veteran, Agility d8, shooting d10 fighting d10 Your skill in combat is tough o match. With a raise on your attack roll it hits you gain an additional +1 to AP

Here and Now (Background) Requirements: Novice Wild Card You have survived the wastes making you more capable than the average folk. When you take this edge you immediately start at Seasoned gaining 5 advancements. You can only take this at character generation. You must pay the xp debt before you can advance.

Nerd Rage Reuirements: Veteran Smarts D10+ Strength d6 (or less) Knowledge (Any Science) D10 You have been pushed around to much. When dropped to 1 wound you may ignore all wound penalties and gain a +4 to damage, the benefits end when you have been restored to two or more wounds. To take this edge you must have a strength d6 or lower

Night Person (Weird) Requirements: Veteran At night you are much more effective. You gain a +2 notice and common knowledge tests.

Cannibal (Weird and GM’s Permision) Requirements: Veteran They say that the eating of human flesh is the key to immortality. You may consume human flesh to help with your bodies healing process. You must eat at least a pound of flesh, you may make a natural healing roll at the end of the deed with a +2 bonus. This action takes 10 min. Any npc’s who sees this behavior will attack, player characters who see this behavior must make a guts check faliure means that they are shaken, on a snake eyes they must make a spirit test or attack. *Addiction: After finishing the deed make a spirit check with a penalty equal to the pound of flesh bonus, if you fail you have become addicted. You gain the major habit as a hindrance.

Pyromainiac Requirements: Veteran, Knowledge (Explosives) d10 Fire! Fire! Fire! You gain a +2 to damage with fire based weapons.

Robotics Expert Requirements: Veteran, Smarts d8+ Knowledge (Engineering) D10 Danger Will Robinson! You gain a +2 to damage VS robots and cyborgs

Silent Running Requirements: veteran, agility d8+, Stealth d10 You may move your full speed when trying to be stealthy.

Chemist Requirements: Veteran, Vigor d8+, Knowledge (Chemistry) d10 Your use and knowledge of drugs has allowed you to double the time duration of ingested or injected drugs.

Light Step Requirements: Veteran, Smarts d8, Notice d10, Repair d8, lockpick Tired of setting off enemy traps. You gain a +2 to notice traps and +2 to agility tests to avoid the consequences.

Master Trader (professional) Requirements: Veteran, Smarts d8, Persuasion d10 or Intimidate D10 During price negotiations you gain a +2 bonus to social tests

Better Criticals Requirements: Heroic, Agility d10, Shooting d10, fighting d10 When you critical you just hit harder. When you get a raise on the fighting or shooting die you roll a d8 instead of a d6

Chem Resistance Requirements: Heroic, Vigor d10, Knowledge (Chemistry) You casual use of drugs has made you some what resistant to he affects of addiction. You gain a +2 to vigor rolls to resist addictions.

Tag Requirements: Heroic You may pick a non-tag skill you gain a +1 to rolls with that skill.

Computer Whiz (professional) Requirements: Heroic, Smarts d10, Knowledge (Computers)d10 You gain a +2 to computer rolls to hack a computer , in addition you may ignore the locked out status of a computer when hacking

Concentrated Fire Requirements: Heroic, Agility d10, shooting d10 When making attacks with a ranged weapon with a ROF higher than 1, you gain a +1 to damage with each shot after the first impact (More than one shot has to hit)

Infiltrator Requirements: Heroic, Lock-Picking d10 When attempting to pick a physical non electical lock you gain a +2 to your roll in addition you may ignore the -2 penalty when forcing a lock to open.

Paralyzing Palm Requirements: Heroic, Fighting d10, Martial arts, Iron Fist When fighting unarmed any time you get a raise you may sacrifice the extra damage To paralyze them , they must make a vigor test or be paralyzed for 1d4 rounds

Explorer Requiements: Legendary, Smarts D12, Wasteland Lore D12 You know of the ins and outs of the Shattered Gulf region. You gain +4 to all wasteland lore checks for the region, and you may make Wasteland Lore checks at no penalty for new areas you have not visited.

Ninja (professional) Requirements: Legendary, Fighting d12, Stealth D12 When Fighting Unarmed or a with a Small Melee weapon such as a dagger or short sword when you get the drop on someone you gain an additional +4 to damage.

Grim Reapers Sprint Requirements: Legendary, Shooting d12, Fighting d12 When you slay a foe any bennies you spent during your action to kill them are returned.

Solar Powered Requirements: Legendary, Vigor d12 The Sun is the bringer of life. While in direct Sunlight you gain the slow regeneration quality meaning they may make a natural healing roll once a day as opposed every 5 days


Anemic (Changed to Major)

Karmic Debt (Major) Karmas a Bitch and you know her on a first name basis. You begin play at the -1 benchmark on the karma chart.

Doppleganger (Minor or Major) Someone looks a lot like you or you them. When ever you enter a new town there is a 10% chance your double has been there causing a ruckus. This can cause all sorts of trouble for the player as a minor maybe a day in the slammer, or it could lead to a lynching. it is up to the GM.

Edges and Hindrances

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